If you need to have some or all of your items stored for whatever reason, we offer fully vaulted storage in our warehouse.  Located at our yard in Fresno, our warehouse is clean and secure so your items will be safe.  Everything is padded and loaded into large wooden vaults to keep your items together and protect them from dust and moisture.  Sofas, padded chairs, and other items too big to fit into vaults are padded if necessary and stretch wrapped to protect them from dust.

Since you will be without your items for an extended period of time, a complete inventory is taken of everything you wish to put into storage.  You receive a copy of the inventory when we load everything up and we keep a copy as well.  When your items are delivered back to you, the inventory lets you rest assured that everything has been returned, and in the same condition it left in.


Our storage is not like a mini-storage.  You never have to mess with keys or codes.  We load everything up and when you are ready, we deliver it to you.  You simply pay a monthly fee for each vault used.  There is however, no easy, open access to your goods while they are in our storage.  If this is something that you will require, a self storage may be a better solution.