Information Booklet

This booklet is prepared by the Department of Consumer Affairs - BEARHFTI to offer guidelines and recommendations for moving and to explain the obligations of moving companies in California.  It is required that this information be provided by moving companies free of charge to all persons planning a move between two points within California.

At D.W. Ewing Movers, we recommend reading this booklet as the first step in planning your move.  This way you will know what to expect when you call us, or any other moving company, to schedule an estimate or to book a move.  For your convenience, you can download a copy of this booklet as a PDF by clicking the link below.

Effective 7-1-18, regulation of Household Movers transferred from the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) to the DCA.  Until an updated printing is released, any references within this information booklet to the CPUC should now be assumed to reference the DCA.  DCA contact information can be found on the bottom of page 10.

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This booklet is prepared specifically for moves within California.  Most of the information inside is relevant for interstate moves as well, however, some regulations may vary in other states.  For more information on interstate moves, give us a call.