Most local moves are generally done in one day by crews of two or three men.  An estimate is not required, but is recommended for two reasons.  The first is that it allows us to better determine the size of the move and send an appropriately sized crew for the job.  The second is that you will be given a guaranteed, not-to-exceed price.

The cost of all local moves is determined by how long they take.  An hourly rate is charged for the total move time, with a minimum of two hours.  The total move time is from the beginning of the load to the end of the unload, with the drive time between the two locations multiplied by two.

Local moves can be scheduled anytime Monday-Saturday, excluding holidays and subject to availability.  Call today!


Most large items in your house can be taken as they are.  Small, loose items and breakables should be put in a box.  If you choose to pack things yourself, take a look at our packing tips page.  We also offer packing services if you prefer we do it.  We keep several wardrobe boxes on each of our trucks that you can use on the day of your move at no additional charge, provided that they are returned at the end of the move.

For local moves, your goods will be the only ones on the truck.  Furniture is wrapped with thick blankets to prevent scratches and other damage.  Beds and other furniture that require disassembly will be taken apart by our movers and reassembled at the new location unless you prefer to do this yourself.  Electronics such as computers, televisions, and stereos however, should be disconnected ahead of time by the customer.  Appliances such as washers, dryers, and refrigerators should also be emptied and disconnected by the customer.


We are also fully equipped for doing office and business moves.  Whether changing location, or just remodelling, we can move all of your standard office equipment.  Our machine carts make it easy to transport several computers, monitors, printers and faxes without having to pack each one individually.  We also can handle all disassembly and reassembly of sectional partitions, desks and work stations if needed.