At D.W. Ewing Movers and Storage, free, no-obligation estimates are always available for all of our services.  Estimates may not be required, but are generally a good idea.  You can call us to find out hourly rates and other charges that apply, but this is not a total cost estimate and the rates quoted are subject to change.

An estimate is an in-home inspection of the items to be moved.  A representative will meet you at your home to take a visual inventory of your goods.  They will also take note of other factors that could affect the cost of the move, such as stairs or limited truck access.  You should also tell them as much as you can about the destination and any special conditions that may apply.  Once the inspection is completed, you will be given an estimated total cost, in writing, within 24 hours that covers all charges for the move, including any packing charges if applicable.

Your written estimate is a guaranteed price.  On the day of the move, the actual cost will still be calculated based on our hourly rates for local moves, or by weight and distance for long-distance moves.  Upon completion of the move, you pay the lesser of the two.

More information about estimates and costs are explained in this free information booklet.