There are different sized boxes for packing different items.  We have several different ones that we use for packing, but if you're on a budget and prefer to pack things yourself, we sell all of the boxes that you'll need.  We use boxes made specifically for moving, made from thicker, sturdier cardboard than you usually find at other places.  Below are the different boxes we offer.  Also look at our packing tips page before you begin for more helpful tips.

Various Boxes

1.5 Cubic Feet (163/8 x 125/8 x 125/8)
Used for small items, books, magazines and small, heavy items.

3.0 Cubic Feet (181/4 x 18 x 16)
For items that won't fit in 1.5 Cube boxes.  Lamp shades usually fit well in these.

4.5 Cubic Feet (181/2 x 181/2 x 223/4)
For items that are too tall for a 3.0 Cube box.

6.0 Cubic Feet (22 x 22 x 211/2)
Used for large bulky items, bedding, pillows, etc.

Dish Pack (18 x 18 x 27)
About the same size as a 4.5 Cube, but made from thicker cardboard for supporting more weight.  Used for plates, dishes, glassware, china, crystal, etc.

Long slender boxes for lamps that are too tall to fit in smaller boxes.  For extra tall lamps, use two of these boxes telescoped end to end.  Lamp shades should be packed separately.

Boxes in Stock

Glass Pack
For various flat pieces of glass, such as shelves, small mirrors, table tops, etc.  One piece does not make a complete box.  Use two pieces to make a small box, or four pieces to make a larger box.

Small Mirror Pack
For packing mirrors, pictures, thin decorative wall pieces, and glass too big to fit in a glass pack.

Large Mirror Pack
A larger version for larger mirrors, pictures, etc.

For packing clothing on hangers.  This large box includes a bar across the top so you can hang your clothes right inside the box without having to fold them.

Tape (6 Rolls/Pack)
Brown tape made for boxes.  Holds well and peels easy after the move.

Blank newsprint paper cut into squares for wrapping your items before putting them into the box.

Paper Pads
Large squares of multi-layered paper to pad large breakable items before putting in a box.  These work well for large pieces of glass, pictures and lamps.